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Larkin & Associates



Products & Services

Investing with Larkin & Associates

Through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, our securities broker/dealer we are registered representatives. As such, we receive the normal and customary commissions in the offering of securities such as mutual funds and variable annuities. We are able to offer stock and bond transactions at reduced commissions. We also offer fee-based asset management through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC. We have sales agreements with many mutual fund families, both load and no-load.

Life Insurance

We are also licensed with a number of life insurance carriers to offer a variety of fixed life insurance products. We are not required to offer any proprietary products.

Services offered by Larkin & Associates

We specialize in Family Estate Planning, including accumulation, conservation and distribution planning for our clients. All of our services are designed to meet the objectives of helping the client accumulate assets, and at retirement to conserve those assets, and to plan for the efficient distribution of the estate.Through Larkin & Associates, an Investment Adviser licensed in the State of Arizona we are able to offer the following advisory services for a flat fee based upon investment net worth:

Asset Analysis

  • Review and analyze existing assets
  • Analyze and recommend appropriate asset allocation

Income and Estate Tax Planning

  • Identify available tax saving methods
  • Recommend steps to reduce tax liabilities

IRA/Pension Rollover

  • Analyze alternatives available for retirement savings
  • Analyze pension or IRA pay-out choices at retirement
  • Analyze income needs and minimum distribution requirements
  • Analyze beneficiary options
  • Analyze effects of income tax and estate tax on large IRAs
  • Recommend course of action

Insurance Coverage Analysis

  • Review adequacy of various types of insurance coverage
  • Recommend coverage needed

Estate Distribution

  • Evaluate current situation
  • Establish objectives
  • Recommend alternatives

Financial Planning incorporating some or all of the above):

  • Collect and assess all relevant data
  • Identify financial, personal and estate goals
  • Identify problems
  • Provide a written report and recommended course of action
  • Periodic plan review and revision

Professional Referrals

We are pleased to be able to recommend other financial professionals such as accountants, attorneys, long term health care and health insurance agents, property and casualty insurance agents, mortgage brokers, private fiduciaries, realtors, trust companies and services to help with medical billing and personal record keeping.